Jewelry color fixation maintenance and care

14K/18K Gold-plated Jewelry

1. Need to pay attention to sweat perfume and other acidic substances on the surface of the jewelry when wearing.

2. Avoid high temperature and other environments, do not wear to sleep.

3. In the protection can be washed with household shower gel after washing with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth to achieve acid-base neutralization, and then sealed and stored.

S925 Silver Jewelry

1. Can be worn daily, grease will be smoother surface.

2. Avoid high temperature and seawater chemical reagents corrosion.

3. Available toothpaste coated wash after washing with water washing soft cloth wipe.

4. Direct wipe silver cloth wipe.

5. Gold and silver can not be worn together, or lead to silver yellowing.

6. Wipe with Silver care lotion, and after washing with water, seal preservation.

[The silver polishing cloth cannot be washed with water.]

[Calcium carbonate powder is only suitable for cleaning silver jewelry.]

Pearl Jewelry

1. Note that acid/alkali/sweat/perfume/cosmetics / high-temperature exposure will corrode the surface.

2. Cleaning: diluted soapy water rinse, rinse with water, wipe with a soft cloth towel, and put in the jewelry box, should not be closed to preserve, will lose luster.

Ps: Pearls are afraid of water and cannot be kept in a closed environment. Use a soft cloth to wipe them, or use professional equipment for jewelry maintenance.

Titanium steel Jewelry

Titanium steel jewelry does not lose color.

Natural Stone Jewelry

1. Avoid squeezing or knocking.

2. Keep away from high temperatures and dry environments.

3. Avoid exposure to chemicals.

4. Clean with a soft cloth and warm water; do not use brushes or abrasive cleaners.

5. Prevent contact with hard objects.

6. Black spots and small pits on natural stones are normal and may result from various underground reactions. These features add unique personality and charm to the natural stone's surface.

7. Avoid contact with oils, which may alter, penetrate, or corrode the stone.