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Nature's Elegance: Unisex 8mm Red Agate & Chrysoprase Beaded Necklace

Nature's Elegance: Unisex 8mm Red Agate & Chrysoprase Beaded Necklace

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Product highlights

  • Natural Beauty: Our jewelry uses natural red agate and chrysoprase stones, celebrated for their vibrant colors and spiritual symbolism.
  • Festive Charm: Our signature necklace reflects the colors of Christmas, adding a festive charm to your ensemble.
  • Unisex Design: with an ideal 8mm bead size for a comfortable fit for everyone.
  • Symbolic Stones: Our jewelry are more than just decorative elements; they carry deep spiritual meanings.
  • This necklace Provides a unique and personal touch.

The Unisex 8mm Red Agate and Chrysoprase Beaded Necklace, is a perfect blend of elegance, charm, and festive spirit. Each bead in this necklace has been thoughtfully selected and strung, alternating between vibrant red agate and soothing chrysoprase, exemplifying the colors of Christmas.

Our jewelry is not just about aesthetics - each stone carries a deeper significance. Red agate is known for its properties of courage and protection, while chrysoprase is associated with joy and happiness. With our products, you carry these positive energies with you.

Our designs are inclusive and universal, making them the ideal choice for everyone, regardless of gender. Size is optimal at 8mm, offering comfort and a perfect fit for all.Experience the blend of nature, beauty, and spiritual energy.


Red Agate : Red Agate is often associated with protection, courage, and stability in the realm of crystal healing. This warm-colored stone is believed to dispel fears and provide a calming influence, promoting self-confidence and self-acceptance. It is also thought to stimulate vitality and inspire love and passion. Red Agate is often associated with the base chakra, which is believed to help ground emotional and physical energy.

Chrysoprase : Chrysoprase is a delightful green gemstone often associated with joy, optimism, and happiness. It's thought to stimulate the heart chakra, encouraging compassion, forgiveness, and the release of jealousy. Chrysoprase is also believed to attract abundance, prosperity, and love. It's said to enhance the wearer's adaptability and to strengthen their connection with nature and the universe.


Material: S925 silver+Red Agate+Chrysoprase

Size:40+Extension chain 5cm



[14K/18K Gold-plated Jewelry]

1. Need to pay attention to sweat perfume and other acidic substances on the surface of the jewelry when wearing.
2. Avoid high temperature and other environments, do not wear to sleep.
3. In the protection can be washed with household shower gel after washing with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth to achieve acid-base neutralization, and then sealed and stored.

[S925 Silver Jewelry]

1. Can be worn daily, grease will be smoother surface.
2. Avoid high temperature and seawater chemical reagents corrosion.
3. Available toothpaste coated wash after washing with water washing soft cloth wipe.
4. Direct wipe silver cloth wipe.
5. Gold and silver can not be worn together, or lead to silver yellowing.
6. Wipe with Silver care lotion, and after washing with water, seal preservation.

Ps:The silver polishing cloth cannot be washed with water.]
Calcium carbonate powder is only suitable for cleaning silver jewelry.

[Pearl Jewelry]

1. Note that acid/alkali/sweat/perfume/cosmetics / high-temperature exposure will corrode the surface.
2. Cleaning:diluted soapy water rinse, rinse with water, wipe with a soft cloth towel, and put in the jewelry box, should not be closed to preserve, will lose luster.

Ps:Pearls are afraid of water and cannot be kept in a closed environment. Use a soft cloth to wipe them, or use professional equipment for jewelry maintenance.

[Titanium steel jewelry]

Titanium steel jewelry does not lose color.

[Natural Stone jewelry]

1.Avoid squeezing or knocking.
2.Keep away from high temperatures and dry environments.
3.Avoid exposure to chemicals.
4.Clean with a soft cloth and warm water; do not use brushes or abrasive cleaners.
5.Prevent contact with hard objects.
6.Black spots and small pits on natural stones are normal and may result from various underground reactions. These features add unique personality and charm to the natural stone's surface.
7.Avoid contact with oils, which may alter, penetrate, or corrode the stone.

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We want you to be thrilled with your purchase and come back for more.
Since the product is hand-woven, it is not refundable except for quality issues.

PS:When encountering quality problems, please take photos or video recordings as supporting evidence.

If the goods are lost, An0x1a said it is regrettable, but can not be responsible.

If customs clearance is blocked, the buyer needs to clear customs by himself. And the product can not be returned.

Product please cherish it, the Creator created it, we use them to achieve the purpose of beauty, and do not throw them away or abandon them at will.

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